Beaver Engraving offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast corporate networking. Within our alliance are companies of all sizes. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for success. Listed below is a comprehensive list of services we offer our clients. Click on each different die to get a more accurate description.

• Foil Stamp Dies • Metal Mount Dies
• Emboss Dies (2 level) • Fabric Emboss/Deboss
• Emboss Dies (dimensional, sculptured) • Duplication Dies
• Debossing Dies • Engraving Dies (for ink transfer)
• Letterpress Dies (magnesium) • Burnishing Dies (wood, cork, etc.)
• Mold Dies (jewelry, sandcasting, rubber plate) • Steel Rule Dies
• Combination Foil/Emboss Dies • Thermal Kiss Cut Dies
• Pantograph Dies • Counter Dies